Why Offering a Concession on Your Home Can Net You Less Money

Discover why offering concessions on your home can net you less money. Learn the psychology behind buyer perceptions and the financial pitfalls, and explore why pricing your home right from the start is a smarter strategy. Expert insights from John Baptiste at Local Realty Agency - Mid-Cities.

John Baptiste

7/4/20242 min read

Why Offering a Concession on Your Home Can Net You Less Money

As a seasoned real estate professional, I often encounter sellers considering concessions to make their homes more appealing. However, this common strategy might not be in your best financial interest. Let's explore why understanding the psychology of buyers and the broader market implications can reveal why pricing your home correctly from the start is a more effective strategy.

Understanding Buyer Psychology

Perception of Desperation: When you offer concessions, such as covering closing costs or making repairs, it can signal desperation to buyers. This perception can make them wonder why you are so eager to sell and might lead them to suspect there are issues with the home. Increased scrutiny and additional demands for repairs or further price reductions can follow. According to the National Association of Realtors, offering seller concessions might make buyers question the condition and value of the property​.

Reduced Appeal: Homes with concessions can appear less desirable compared to those with straightforward pricing. Buyers may feel there’s a need to compensate for the concessions, leading to prolonged negotiations and potentially lower offers. Rocket Mortgage notes that in competitive markets, offers without concessions are often more appealing to sellers​​.

Market Dynamics and Financial Implications

Inflated Prices and Costs: Concessions can inflate the effective sale price of your home, resulting in higher closing costs based on a percentage of the sale price. This can erode your net profit. Additionally, higher sale prices with concessions mean higher closing costs, further impacting your bottom line​​.

Net Profit Reduction: Offering to cover a buyer's closing costs or providing repair credits directly reduces your proceeds from the sale. This reduction in net profit can be significant, especially if you’ve already priced the home competitively. As noted by Orchard, these concessions can lead to a financial hit that might have been avoided with a different pricing strategy​​.

The Better Approach: Pricing Right from the Start

Instead of offering concessions, pricing your home correctly from the outset can attract serious buyers quickly, reducing the time your property stays on the market. This approach avoids the negative perceptions and financial pitfalls associated with concessions. Realtor.com highlights that straightforward pricing can make your offer stand out as cleaner and more appealing in a competitive market​​.


While seller concessions can sometimes close a deal, they often signal desperation and lead to reduced net profits. By pricing your home appropriately from the start, you can avoid the negative perceptions and financial disadvantages associated with concessions, ultimately achieving a faster and more profitable sale.

As I always advise my clients, “Setting the right price from the beginning is key to attracting serious buyers and maximizing your profit.” Let’s work together to get your home sold quickly and for the best possible price.

a house with a lot of money and signs
a house with a lot of money and signs